Walk this way, Talk this Nor-way

Norwegians seem perfectly at ease when the conversation comes to a standstill. Not me. I am all about the chat. As an experienced chatter I have some go to topics that always work.
Here are my top 3:

Hytt(e) me baby one more time

Norwegians were recently named the happiest people on the planet and to truly understand why this is you need to go beyond the statistics and look at the underlying cultural factors. Like, the hytte.


To really get the most out of living in Norway you need to spend time outside. Nothing so strange about that when there is an endless supply of wide skies and grab-a-camera landscapes to be discovered. It is basically a selfie-stick user´s paradise. Norwegians are rightfully proud of these amazing landscapes. In fact I would … Continue reading Trippin’

Are you gonna go my way

I love a good story. I always have. So when in company I keep a couple of good stories up my sleeve just in case the conversation goes dry. My best stories are my travel stories, I have many a tragic travel story - my closest friends can verify. The kind of stories that are … Continue reading Are you gonna go my way