Who’s that girl?

I love to write. I always have, but it wasn’t until my move to Norway in 2013 and consequent job search that I actually began to think about writing – actual writing. Words that others can also read. This blog is a result of that.

What started as funny stories about my transition to Norwegian ways had evolved into a space for me to express myself. As a lone blogger among millions, I hope that my stories reach those who know me and those with a good sense of humour.

I am a wannabe in many ways. I want to know everything and everyone. I also like to say I am a citizen of the world and that is what makes up my identity. I am a worldly wannabe. But then the first step to being is wanting it right?



Eleni is British born, ethnically Cypriot (yep with 2 passports) and lives in Oslo, Norway. She is a creative at heart and has dabbled in all types of creative expression at different points in her life.

Most of all she loves to learn and could not imagine a life where learning stops.

This blog is Eleni’s collection of everyday stories, learning and a running commentary on adapting to Norwegian ways. She has a lot to say. She has always had a big gob! 


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