Walk this way, Talk this Nor-way

Norwegians seem perfectly at ease when the conversation comes to a standstill. Not me. I am all about the chat. As an experienced chatter I have some go to topics that always work. Here are my top 3:

Hytt(e) me baby one more time

Norwegians were recently named the happiest people on the planet and to truly understand why this is you need to go beyond the statistics and look at the underlying cultural factors. Like, the hytte.


To really get the most out of living in Norway you need to spend time outside. Nothing so strange about that when there is an endless supply of wide skies and grab-a-camera landscapes to be discovered. It is basically a selfie-stick user´s paradise. Norwegians are rightfully proud of these amazing landscapes. In fact I would … Continue reading Trippin’

Living in the minuses

I have learnt lots since moving here. For all you cold weather experts out there this may feel like common sense- but not to us from the South. In warmer climates we just do not think about these things. Ever! They are not common sense.

November rain

November in Norway is not just a catchy alliteration it is a notable slump in the year. It is the month of grey skies and in-between-seasonal weather that is hard to pretend does not affect you. It is probably what they researched when they defined seasonal affective disorder (SAD aka the winter blues) as a … Continue reading November rain